About Zoom Classes

Registering for Class

When you register for a class, you will be sent its Zoom link about an hour before the start of class.

If you can't make class at a certain time, but want to take it later, please register for class so that you may receive the recording.  This applies to single classes and all memberships.

If you have purchased a membership, please log in to Ribbon to access the benefits of your subscription.

If you encounter any difficulty registering through the schedule on the Classes page, please use this link instead.


Live classes will be recorded.  When you register for a class or subscribe to a membership, you will be emailed a recording within 24 hours to access at your convenience within 30 days.

If you register for a single class, you will be sent that class's Zoom recording.  If you have a 5-Class Pass or an Unlimited Monthly membership, you will be sent recordings of the classes you signed up for.


When I start the class recording, my screen is pinned so your video will not be visible in the final recording.  If participants speak while the recording is in progress, that will be the only non-me thing featured in the Zoom recording.

I record classes in two places: on the Zoom cloud and on a separate camera for my video library.  If you speak during the recording, while your voice may be captured on the Zoom recording, it will be removed from the final library video recording.


Cameras, Mics, & Connection

In all of my classes, you are welcome to keep your camera off or turn your camera on.  I respect your space and your privacy.  Zoom classes are different from public in-person classes in which one would expect to be visible and decide to attend accordingly.   I view these online classes as a time for YOU, so you are free to share yourself in whatever way feels best to you.

If you greet me, I will greet you.  If you would like to speak or share before or after class, you are welcomed to, but not expected to.  I try to make it a habit not to peer into participants' spaces, but if a pet or child approaches the camera, I may lapse and greet the animal or child.

I will mute everyone's microphones before starting the recordings.  Throughout class, you're free to have your camera on or off, but please do keep your microphone muted unless you have a question that you'd like addressed in the moment.  


During my in-person classes, I do not give hands-on adjustments as I trust in your authority over your body and its ability to self-organize to keep you safe and well-served.  I practice the same approach in Zoom classes and I give verbal posture cues if there are specific actions that are important to prioritize.


If you have questions about a pose that we're in during class, please feel free to speak up and ask.  While your question will be featured on the Zoom recording, it will be edited from the final library video.