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Zoë Kosovic (she/ her[s]/ they/ their[s]) is a Certified Massage Therapist, yoga instructor,  Reiki practitioner trained and skilled at the highest level, Permaculture Women's Guild-certified regenerative systems designer, and biodynamic beekeeper/ steward/ guardian.   They graduated magna cum laude from Goucher College with a B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature having completed additional studies at Las Universidades de Granada, Salamanca, & Sevilla. 


Since formally beginning her work life in the wine industry where she developed a fascination with natural wines, sustainable viticulture, and biodynamic practices, her career has traced a trajectory  ever-more focused on generative health, personal and collective empowerment, and liberation from  systems of harm toward systems of care.  The permaculture ethics of People Care, Earth Care, and Future Care provide a tidy-ish framework to encompass the breadth and purpose of Zoë’s life work.


Regenerative design, resilience training, and biomimicry (learning from the patterns and processes of Nature) infuse and inform Zoë’s approach to the body, relationships, economics, and purposeful living.  The ethos and eros of permaculture and apis arborea (aka apis mellifera/ honey bees) are frequently incorporated into their classes. 


She values current evidence-based approaches to the body and aims to foster a culture of accessibility, agency, and consent in both her bodywork and yoga practices.

Zoë holds deep respect and gratitude for the indigenous cultures and practices that formed the basis of permaculture and stands in solidarity with those practicing reclamation, decolonization, and rematriation.  They live on traditional Awaswas (Amah Mutsun) land in Santa Cruz, CA.

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