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Classes offered on a sliding scale

5-Class Passes and Unlimited Monthly Memberships Available

The Ab-etizer

A 20-minute sampling of strengthening exercises that address the whole core complex.  Includes warm-up and cool-down sandwiching a core-focused sequence designed for the adventurous or easily bored.  Can be enjoyed as a standalone course or a primer for the Gentle Flow main dish.  Served hot...savor the burn!


Gentle Flow Yoga

A 60-minute accessible yoga class that prioritizes breath and playful exploration. We will embrace curiosity and possibility through movement, conscious breath, and self-inquiry.  Whether engaging with strength, stretch, or stillness, we practice embodied agency by making informed choices and honoring our unique selves in the moment.  Appropriate for those new to yoga, folks moving through injury, and anyone interested in learning to tend to their own needs with kindness and respect.  We move slowly to stay present with ourselves and to build the deep functional strength required for graceful movement.  The practices in this class strategically build resilience in our tissues so that we can be resilient in our lives and by experimenting with variety on the mat, we become more adaptable in the world.  This class is fiercely non-competitive and able to be personalized to meet you where you are.  Props are encouraged (blankets, blocks, a strap, a bolster, a chair, a wall…feel free to improvise!).